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Environmental engineering process, professional clean room planning and design, engineering and performance excellence,Customer word of mouth, we deserve your trust! Kun Lin Kun Li, formerly known as project engineering,Republic of China was founded in 71 years, all the way so far has been more than thirty years,Thanks to the company's growth process all walks of life support and advanced guidance and help.

We specializes in environmental pollution control and various large-scale new construction,Including wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, noise control and water treatment works,Also undertake the traditional basic industries, such as the production of steel mill construction projects or related construction and equipmentInstallation; more recent years successfully developed desalination equipment,Recycled water recycling equipment and water treatment equipment in addition to the new float.Existing plant covers an area of about 6,800M2, and with all kinds of machinery and equipment,Sufficient to meet the large-scale construction and prefabricated. Through continuous efforts to enhance the quality of ideas and expertise to enhance the action,The company passed the ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 international certification, uphold Thanksgiving heart, in order to provide better customer service.



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Air pollution control equipment and environmental protection Slurry tankers professional sewage, through the toilet, Lin Kun Engineering Co., Ltd. 24-hour service, sewage treatment plant to pump water and fertilizer are contained to Dihua sewage treatment plant. Air pollution control equipment government filing, pumping manure, Lin Kun Engineering Co. pumping cesspools, engineering noise prevention and control oil tank cleaning, sewage culvert. Sewer pipeline planning, sewage treatment plant renovation and tube pipe, high-quality construction services team, good reputation of the sewage treatment plant, please contact us. Noise prevention and control engineering to meet your needs, we are committed to providing consistent with the nature of the sludge, such as sewage treatment site space manufacturing design models. Lin Kun Engineering Co., the industry preferred! Providing sewage systems change management, convergence sewer service, noise prevention and control engineering + design + construction drawing all buttoned contractor waste, waste oil, gas engineering, environmental protection and efficient service, perfect quality assurance, the industry authority cooperation praise! Air pollution control equipment specializing in industrial waste, waste oil, in addition to the acid gas processing equipment, improve the planning, construction of sewage treatment plant efficiency, noise prevention and control projects to solve your environmental problems. Deep satisfaction with major companies like! Lin Kun Engineering Co., deep industry for 20 years, immediately contact the air pollution control equipment.