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Sewage Treatment Factory

Our commitment to the environment and implementation of policies, sewage treatment plant must abide by environmental laws and government, to promote pollution prevention and control staff instill environmental awareness, compliance with environmental supervision system requires manufacturers to discharge water quality, and jointly safeguard the environment and ecology. And is responsible for the associated drainage works and sewage treatment plant management. Important public sewer facilities construction is not just the sound development of the city, it is an important indicator of a modern city. Promote the construction of sewerage business, accelerate the upgrading of sewerage coverage, the sewage treatment plant to fulfill the environmental protection effort, wishing effluents environmental impact to a minimum, three times the plant has been carried out to improve the process, the sewage treatment plant former factories in the discharge of waste water, treatment is required to meet the standard sewerage nanotubes, and then discharged into the sanitary sewer. To meet your needs, we are committed to providing consistent with the nature of the sludge, such as sewage treatment site space manufacturing design models. Each plant emissions of waste water, as this industrial area containing Substances normal operation of sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants should be made by the plant on their own pre-treatment, and then discharged into the public sewer line system line.

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