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Air pollution control equipment specification, easy maintenance engineering noise prevention and control

Given the increasingly serious environmental air pollution, air pollution control equipment industry is currently uneven air pollution control equipment. A collection of specialist machinery, electronics, environmental protection, and jointly develop a new generation of high-efficiency continuous air pollution control equipment. Its purpose is to contribute to improve air quality and social responsibility, for themselves and the next generation to leave a good ecological environment. In addition to emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction, give the products, that environmental protection is the effort to cherish and protect the Earth's environment. In order to implement environmental policy, the company's unit in the coating and laminating process in air pollution control equipment, dramatically reducing air pollution, and even the use of heat recovery technology to do technology. Domestic air pollution control equipment before the big five carbon emissions for electricity, steel, oil refining, petrochemical and cement industry, the EPA currently intends to push the factory three controls, requiring manufacturers to improve air pollution control equipment requirements. However, the relevant industry, said the unit has been upgraded energy efficiency at the plant, has little impact on operations. EPA said the factory three future prevention and control region if the desire overweight emissions, air pollution control equipment must not exceed a certain threshold, beyond the necessary air pollution control equipment will be upgraded to an optimum level; offenders to follow air pollution law highest penalty million.

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