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Sewage treatment plant

Sewage treatment plant operation flowchart of waste water collection system, pumping pressure and gravity flow way into the wastewater treatment plant, the sewage grid column stopped except after the coarse dirt Parshall measuring flume to measure flow into the aeration sink sand degreasing tank to remove dirt and grease of fine particles, and then into the pool PH adjustment, adjusted PH into the conditioning tank, water quality and water and mix thoroughly, the unit is part of the tertiary treatment of sewage, treatment principle by blocking the flow of physical Information and precipitation of suspended solids to capture the removal, sewage treatment plant to process waste water mainly traditional industries, biological treatment system, recycled water is not subject to weather the impact of urban small reservoirs, it can effectively provide regional water resource scheduling flexibility to existing sewage treatment. Waste water and sewage treatment project planning, design and construction operations on behalf of other services. Its services not only provide environmental waste water upstream of the project planning, design and construction, as well as the subsequent treatment plant operation and maintenance and other work can be a coherent integration of environmental protection, the most efficient service to customers. Sewage treatment plant construction to improve the care and treatment of industrial wastewater utilities regular maintenance design of wastewater treatment recycling facility maintenance operations on behalf of the construction of repair and maintenance construction improvements.

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