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Noise Prevention Prevention Project

Currently damage caused by noise pollution has become the most commonly seen in the business sector of occupational diseases. Therefore, the requirements for engineering noise prevention and control of noise working environment, has become an important issue. Is not suitable for use to avoid the noise category for aviation development in the affected area, such as a third-class aviation noise prevention and control ... 16. What is a construction project? The upper and lower ground new construction, additions, alterations, construction, dismantle its structures and facilities owned construction change behavior natural environment. Japan has developed a construction engineering noise prevention and control methods that deserves our reference. In the efforts of all my colleagues, the support of the business groups, environmental awareness, and Taiwan had the opportunity to grow together, noise prevention and control project actively participate in environmental construction of domestic services covering environment-related reporting services and consulting, air pollution control technology, waste water treatment , incineration systems, noise control, etc., to provide a system integration. Solve the noise problem, noise control, noise works best partner. Noise Noise Prevention Projects Prevention materials and equipment without echo chamber, no loud noise prevention and control box architectural acoustics engineering projects commissioned by government agencies and the EPA noise and vibration research projects.

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